Watch: Jimin And J-Hope's Conversation In BTS Documentary Leaves ARMY Emotional
Watch: Jimin And J-Hope's Conversation In BTS Documentary Leaves ARMY Emotional
In a recently shown segment from their documentary, BTS Monuments, the exchange between members J-Hope and Jimin about their 'worst case scenarios' has left ARMY emotional.

Even during their current hiatus, BTS continues to be the talk of the town, ensuring that their devoted fanbase, the ARMY, remains thoroughly entertained with scheduled songs, interviews, and their buzz-worthy documentary series. In a recent segment from BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star, the emotional exchange between members J-Hope and Jimin has tugged at the heartstrings of the ARMY. While the documentary maintains its overall upbeat and humorous vibe, this particular clip has struck a chord with fans, providing a heartfelt glimpse into the more contemplative aspects of the group’s incredible journey.

Throughout the subsequent two episodes, the documentary delves into various facets, offering glimpses behind the scenes during recording sessions, capturing the essence of their experiences in America, and exploring discussions surrounding their Permission To Dance shows.

In a particularly sentimental episode, Jimin and J-Hope are shown seated in a car post-performance. Jimin, grappling with thoughts about the future, poses the question, “When will we perform again?”

J-Hope, visibly introspective, responds with a sense of uncertainty, expressing, “I wish I knew.”

This candid moment underscores the uncertainty that loomed over BTS initially, following their shows, undoubtedly weighing heavily on their minds.

As per the clip, Jimin goes on to contemplate a worst-case scenario, stating, “The worst-case scenario is three years later.” J-Hope concurs, emphasising it as the most unfavourable outcome.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Jimin says, “Right? We go back to Korea. The concert there is canceled and we enlist in the military. Then we come back and have a concert. Three years.”

The sharing of this emotionally charged video online has stirred a profound response from ARMYs. The anticipation of future plans, coupled with the sobering consideration of enlistment has left viewers teary, especially given that the video surfaced during a period when all BTS members are enlisted. “This conversation between hobi and jimin just broke me.” wrote an X user. Another one shared a similar sentiment saying, “This conversation between hobi and jimin.”

Watch it here:

The documentary, released last year, masterfully captures the emotional rollercoaster that BTS navigated during some of its most challenging times. While the group consistently presents a united front of strength and support for ARMYs, witnessing their genuine interactions and shared vulnerabilities is being praised by their fans and ARMY across the globe.

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Stars, available on Disney Plus Hotstar since December 20, 2023, traces the band’s evolution from its humble beginnings to the global phenomenon they have become.

Presently, all BTS members are diligently fulfilling their compulsory military service, with the collective hope of reuniting by the end of 2025.

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