Singer Shilpa Rao on Lesson She Learnt From Pandemic
Singer Shilpa Rao on Lesson She Learnt From Pandemic
Covid has taught Shilpa Rao that one can make plans but one ultimately has to surrender to life.

Shilpa Rao says the pandemic has taught her what it truly means when we say, “Man proposes, God, disposes”. The singer revealed that she is not yet actively stepping out for physical concerts. “I have my parents at home, so I am not stepping out for concerts yet. Covid has taught me one thing that you can make plans but you have to surrender to life. I am making plans only for the next 24 hours, not beyond that,” she said.

Even though she is not stepping out for concerts, Shilpa has been busy with virtual gigs.

“Yes, we’ve been doing them. Even in March when lockdown happened, it was a very anxious time for everyone. Though we are artistes and do live sessions on Instagram and Facebook, that doesn’t mean we are not anxious. In society, when some sort of a crisis happens, artistes take up the onus to entertain people and give them hope. At the end of the day, we are human beings and have our own anxious moments. During such a time, music of other artistes will inspire you. That’s what I have been doing through the lockdown. Also, I made it a point to stay connected with my fans through social media,” she said.

Shilpa’s latest association is with Zee TV’s music reality show Indian Pro Music League or IPML. Shilpa says, the show has reunited her with the stage after a long time!

The singer said: “IPML is all about music and performances. The biggest USP of the show is having 18 plus artistes coming together on one stage. I hope people enjoy the show and receive it with love. I’m very happy to be a part of it. Also, it’s been a long time we’ve all been away from the stage due to the COVID crisis. I really miss the stage. This show is finally reuniting me with the stage.”

Before parting, Shilpa offered a few words of advice for budding singers: “If you want to do music in life, never forget the reason why you wanted to do it. If you want to be a star, make money or want to be in a glamorous position, these may be valid reasons for you but that should not be why you do music. Music should only be done for the sheer love of it and the joy that it gives you. I started recording in 2005, it’s been 15 years but I still have those nervous bouts before entering a studio. It’s a good thing because it will make you strive to be better at your job!”

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