Meet Visaka Industries JMD – The man who surpassed Tesla in the field of renewable technology
Meet Visaka Industries JMD – The man who surpassed Tesla in the field of renewable technology
Explore the remarkable journey of Visaka Industries' Joint Managing Director, a visionary surpassing Tesla in the realm of renewable technology.

Vamsi Gaddam, who has taken a vow of sustainability, has built an empire that highlights how sustainable living is very much within our means. Through products like Vnext and the patented ATUM Solar Roof, Vamsi is making sustainability accessible to all.

Vamsi Gaddam, a dynamic force within Visaka Industries Ltd., has been instrumental in reshaping India’s sustainable construction landscape over the past decade. Beginning his journey as a Management Trainee in 2011, Gaddam’s rise within the company has been nothing short of meteoric, culminating in his current role as Joint Managing Director of the esteemed corporation, which boasts an annual turnover of Rs 1600 crore.

His inspired leadership has propelled Visaka Industries to a leader in sustainable construction innovation in India. Through initiatives like the Vnext Fibre Cement range, certified by GreenPro since 2014, Gaddam has introduced eco-friendly alternatives to traditional construction materials, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious building practices.

Gaddam’s impact extends beyond product innovation. He has championed groundbreaking solutions such as the Vnext Infill, a solid load-bearing wall alternative, and ATUM Solar Roof, patented in India, USA, and South Africa, and hailed as the world’s first Integrated Solar Roof, surpassing energy giant Tesla. ATUM is proven to be 30% more effective than traditional solar panels and boasts other features that give its solar rivals stiff competition. These innovations have not only revolutionized renewable technology globally but have also contributed significantly to carbon emission reduction and resource conservation.

In addition to his corporate endeavours, Gaddam’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the establishment of Atumobile Pvt. Ltd, a pioneering Indian start-up specializing in high-speed electric café racer motorcycles. With at least five patents for its innovative design and a commitment to in-house and indigenous development of motors and batteries, Atumobile has quickly gained traction in the electric vehicle market under Gaddam’s management.

Gaddam’s influence extends beyond business ventures. His dedication to education reform has seen the introduction of sustainable building materials into university curriculums, ensuring the next generation of architects and engineers are equipped to tackle environmental challenges.

Under Gaddam’s stewardship, Visaka Industries has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a textile brand to a sustainability-driven industry leader. His strategic vision has, apart from boosting business growth, created thousands of employment opportunities nationwide, furthering socio-economic development.

Through Gaddam’s journey to advocate for sustainability, it becomes clear that his commitment to environmental conservation and innovative thinking has set a new standard for the construction, energy, and EV sectors. As he continues to lead, Vamsi Gaddam continues to be a prominent name in shaping a more sustainable future for India, through new innovations and greener living practices. 

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