Ball of the Century: This Thread on Cricket's Finest Deliveries Has Fans Pitching in
Ball of the Century: This Thread on Cricket's Finest Deliveries Has Fans Pitching in
Ball of the Century: Cricket fans share clips of their favourite deliveries of all time in viral thread.

Remember Ravichandran Ashwin’s masterstroke against Hashim Amla in the 2014 ICC World T20 semi-final? That gem of a delivery coined as the ‘T20 Ball of the Century’? Ashwin’s cunning move, starting from around the wicket, aimed to lure the South African batting maestro with the promise of a carrom ball from an unexpected angle. The delivery drifted slightly inward, pitching outside the leg stump, teasing Amla to flick it through the leg side. Little did he anticipate the colossal turn Ashwin conjured, leaving him bamboozled as the ball kissed the off stump — a bowler’s dream!

But was that the only remarkable delivery in cricket history? Not at all! Cricket fans have embraced the ‘Ball of the Century’ trend, sharing clips of what they consider the greatest deliveries ever bowled.

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The ‘X’ platform is flooded with these clips after @CricketopiaCom asked fans to share their picks for ‘Ball of the Century’. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Muhammad Waqar Anjum to Beant Singh, KCC T20 Challengers Cup 2024 

The uproarious scene unfolded as Kuwaiti Nationals’ off-spinner Muhammad Waqar Anjum, with a run-up reminiscent of Harbhajan Singh’s, delivered a flighted ball that seemed to hang in the air for an eternity. Landing wide outside off stump, near the wide line, it deceived the right-handed batsman Beant Singh, who had shuffled across to play it to the leg side. Yet, the ball spun sharply, leaving Singh stranded and crashing into the leg stump with almost video-game-like precision.

Mitchell Starc to James Vince, 3rd Test, Ashes 2017-18

Sympathy abounded for James Vince as Mitchell Starc unleashed a peach of a delivery that shattered his timber. From around the wicket, Starc fired one into a broad crack, seemingly aimed at the middle stump. Vince, attempting to nudge it around the corner, found himself at the mercy of a dramatic deviation. Had it continued on its original trajectory, it would have missed leg stump by a significant margin. However, the crack intervened, altering the ball’s path by a staggering six inches, enough to dislodge the off stump.

Shane Warne to Mike Gatting, 1st Test, Ashes 1993 (Yes, we know, it had to be at the top of the list, but the fans have spoken!)

Shane Warne’s magical ‘Gatting Ball’ in the summer of 1993 remains a highlight of his legendary career. Approaching from over the wicket, Warne bowled a tempting leg-break down the leg side, putting a generous whip on the ball with his wrists. English batter Mike Gatting, slightly extending his front pad, attempted a feeble defense with soft hands. However, to his astonishment, the seemingly harmless delivery turned sharply, hitting the off-stump. Gatting, stunned by Warne’s magic, walked off the field in disbelief.

And so, the list goes on, proving that no matter the age, cricket remains forever young in the hearts of fans!

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