Bengaluru Resident Shares Video of Muddy Water Coming Out of Tap, Tags CM For Help
Bengaluru Resident Shares Video of Muddy Water Coming Out of Tap, Tags CM For Help
Bengaluru man shares video of muddy water coming out of tap in kitchen, viral clip leaves internet in disbelief.

Getting a bit of muddy, unclean water in our bathrooms post-tank cleaning is somewhat usual, but imagine receiving excessively brown, muddy water for all your needs, including drinking. Can you fathom enduring such a predicament? This nightmare turned real for numerous Bengaluru residents, as depicted in a viral video showcasing brown-coloured water flowing from a tap into a pan.

“Please see the quality of water we are getting in the Sobha Arena Apartment for Drinking. Please give us Cauvery Water at Judicial Layout, Thalagattapura, Kanakapura Main Road,” wrote ‘X’ user Dhananjaya Padmanabhachar alongside the video. He also tagged several prominent people and organisations, including the CM and Deputy CM of Karnataka, and Bengaluru Police.

Take a Look:

In a subsequent tweet, Mr. Padmanabhachar shared several snapshots featuring kitchen utensils brimming with muddy water. He clarified that these images were contributions from fellow apartment residents.

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The post swiftly gained traction, accumulating over 250K views. While some suggested the murkiness might stem from recent tank cleanings, Mr. Padmanabhachar countered with additional images from other residents, underscoring the widespread nature of the issue.

“Don’t they have any kind of water treatment plant,” queried one user, prompting Mr. Padmanabhacha to reveal, “RO treated Water!!” Another user lamented, “What a shame. After paying crores HBs are destined to live in such unhygienic conditions. How did the project get OC with out availability of potable water. Promters are after profit, Govt after revenue. Judiciary unconcerned. HBs left in the lurch.”

Amidst the serious discourse, some couldn’t resist jesting about the water’s hue, likening it to sambhar. “For a moment, I thought they were supplying Sambar to home thru taps. Unfortunate,” quipped one. “Omg… i thought its rasam. jokes apart i guess its drainage mixed with drinking water,” remarked another.

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The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) had previously acknowledged similar issues, attributing them to new pipeline installations or maintenance work. However, there have been no recent updates on this matter.

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