This Chennai Woman’s Hack To Avoid Boss' Yelling Is Hilarious
This Chennai Woman’s Hack To Avoid Boss' Yelling Is Hilarious
In her post, the woman claimed that her boss routinely yelled at everyone, so she cleverly used the language barrier to avoid the humiliation.

Toxic workplace culture is real and a sizable section of employees are victims of the same. Various instances of managers and bosses yelling at their employees have often caught the Internet’s attention. As individuals continue to face such hurdles at their workplaces, a Chennai woman’s post is now trending. In the post, the woman shared how her previous company’s founder used to yell at her but she found a smart way to deal with the situation.

Akshita, a social media user, hopped to the microblogging site X (formerly Twitter), to share the innovative idea that helped her avoid complications at her previous office. The woman, in her post, claimed that her boss habitually yelled at everyone. However, the language he used was Hindi.

Capitalising on the language barrier as she hailed from Chennai, the woman politely confronted her boss saying that she was not well versed with Hindi and couldn’t understand whatever he said.

Akshita shared, “The founder of the previous company I worked for used to yell at everybody in Hindi. So I told them I didn’t know Hindi cause I’m from Chennai (Tamilian).” Further divulging how the language barrier saved her from humiliation, she continued, “So they had to switch to English to yell at me each time and I got yelled at way lesser than other folks because of this.”

Upon being shared, the post immediately garnered lakhs of likes along with several comments. Reacting to her post, a user mentioned, “I do this every day. I patiently wait for people to completely explain the requirements. Once they finish, I tell them I don’t understand their language and they’ll have to repeat it in English.”

Besides, an individual also questioned her, “You had no problem with the yelling, only the language?” The woman replied to the user’s query saying that she quit her job in seven months due to the toxic behaviour of her boss. Well, her post was also hailed by some with one of them even saying, “The lesser-known language defence 101.”

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