Watch: Massive Fire Engulfs Electric Charging Station Factory In Italy
Watch: Massive Fire Engulfs Electric Charging Station Factory In Italy
A major fire broke out at the Alpitronic factory in Italy's Bolzano on Wednesday morning, leaving the building in huge flames.

A massive fire engulfed a factory in Italy’s Bolzano city on Wednesday. The fire began in the morning at the factory belonging to Alpitronic, a company that manufactures fast-charging stations for electric cars. In a video, which was shared on social media, large plumes of smoke can be seen almost completely clouding the sky.

The post accompanying the video shared that the airspace over Bolzano has been closed for the time being, while residents have been asked to keep their windows closed. In the meantime, firefighters from Bolzano and the neighbouring area, along with technicians from the Environment Agency, are brought in to control the situation. “Alpitronic reassures that its operations remain unaffected by the recent fire. While damage occurred in a section of the “Laurin” warehouse undergoing maintenance, it hasn’t impacted production, research, development, or administrative functions. Employees from nearby offices are safe and will temporarily work remotely,” the tweet added.

Bolzano in northern Italy is a major tourist destination and is a pit stop for those heading to the famous Dolomites mountains.

According to the local media reports, the flames started from the roof of the factory and then spread rapidly, rising into a huge black cloud that is visible from several kilometres away. While the cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, no injuries or fatalities have been reported so far.

Operations at the factory remain unaffected as the damage has affected only a portion of the warehouse, which was undergoing maintenance and not in use, said Alpitronic in an update as quoted by “At the moment, it is not possible to make statements about the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage,” they added.

The viral video has so far gained over 80,000 views, drawing a lot of reactions from users on the internet. Some also shared other visuals of the fire and the thick smoke that covered the Bolzano skies.

A user wrote, “Oh, that’s awful. For the factory owner/employees and the environment,’ while another commented, “I see their environmental score going down.” “That can’t be good. Battery components are highly flammable,” another user wrote.

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