Why Elon Musk Does Not Believe In Aliens
Why Elon Musk Does Not Believe In Aliens
He made these remarks in a panel discussion titled How to Save the Human Race and Other Light Topics.

Elon Musk, the CEO of the private space company SpaceX believes that aliens have never visited Earth. He made these remarks in a panel discussion titled How to Save the Human Race and Other Light Topics. This discussion was organised at the 2024 Milken Institute Global Conference held in Los Angeles on May 7, Tuesday. Musk elaborated to the chairman, and financier of the institute, Michael Milken on the reasons why aliens would have never visited the Earth. According to the 52-year-old CEO, SpaceX operates thousands of broadband spacecraft in low earth orbit. Despite such a massive number of broadband aircraft, he hasn’t once seen compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life. Musk said that he hasn’t seen proof of any potential craft as well operated by non-human intelligence.

“I’ve not seen any evidence of aliens,” Musk said. “And SpaceX, with the Starlink Constellation, has roughly 6,000 satellites, and not once have we had to manoeuvre around a UFO. […] Never.” So Musk said that he didn’t see any evidence of aliens. As per Musk, this absence of proof leads him to believe that if such advanced alien civilisations existed, they would have made their presence known more concretely. Musk, however, mentioned that he is open to solid proof about visitations by the so-called little green men (aliens).

He said that if somebody has evidence of aliens then he would love to see and hear about it. Musk added that he doesn’t think that there is any.

About Elon Musk’s Companies

Besides Space X, Musk is a major stakeholder in many companies, including Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and X Corp.

Musk’s Net Worth

His net worth is $180.6 billion (Rs 1.5 thousand crores). Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg surged past Musk to become the third-richest person in the world according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index ranking. In 2024, the 52-year-old CEO company’s Tesla stock has seen a 34 per cent drop making it the poor performer in the S&P 500 Index. In comparison to Tesla, stocks of Meta Platforms Inc. have surged by 49 per cent. Musk, who ranked at the top on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as recently as early March, came down to fourth.

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