Meerut Girl Tops CBSE Class 12 In Humanities Without Tuition, Credits Hard Work And NCERT Books
Meerut Girl Tops CBSE Class 12 In Humanities Without Tuition, Credits Hard Work And NCERT Books
The result of the Class 12 board examination was recently released by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education recently released the result of the Class 12 board examination. Today we are talking about one such student who scored 99.40 per cent in her Class 12 CBSE board examination. Ramya Singhal a resident of Meerut touched the milestone without taking any coaching. According to reports, Ramya has topped in the Humanities from her school. She scored 100 in English, 100 in Political science, 100 in history, 100 in Home science and 97 in Psychology.

In recent times, we often see children taking extra tuition classes to prepare for the board examination, but this is not the case for the Meerut girl. In an interview with Local 18, she said that she never took any tuition for any of her subjects. Rather, she used to study everything on her own and took the help of school teachers when she faced any doubt. She said that she used to revise everything that she used to study in school.

Ramya further mentioned that her teachers helped her a lot and for that, she could achieve this milestone today. She said “When I asked for advice about scoring good results my teachers advised me to use NCERT books. I followed those books which led me to this achievement today.” Ramya also said that someone who aspires to score good marks in the examination should follow those books only and there will be no need to take tuition classes.

When asked about her using a mobile phone and social media she said that she kept her mobile phone aside when she sat for study so that she could concentrate fully on her studies. “Achieving this milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my parents,” she added.

Taking about the secret behind her success, Ramya said “It is very important to work hard to achieve success in any exam. I tried to give my best without worrying about the results which helped to get to this milestone.” When asked about her plans she mentioned that she aims to continue her studies in psychology.

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