DND: What It Means & How to Respond
DND: What It Means & How to Respond
You’re texting someone, and they reply back with “DND.” Okay…What does that mean? And what are you supposed to say? Luckily, “DND” is a common expression that has the same meaning in most situations. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this three-letter word (plus, how to effortlessly respond).
Things You Should Know
  • “DND” stands for “Do Not Disturb.” People use this abbreviation to express they don’t want to be contacted, usually when they’re sleeping, working, or on vacation.
  • Use “DND” to let someone know you have an important event coming up, or set up the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your smartphone to disable incoming notifications.
  • To reply to “DND,” say, “Okay” to politely affirm you got someone’s message, or wish them luck if they have an upcoming meeting, exam, or interview.

“DND” Meaning

“DND” means “do not disturb” in texting, slang, and social media. People use this abbreviation when they don’t wish to be bothered. It communicates that they’re busy (or in need of alone time), so try not to contact them until they let you know they’re available. “DND” is also a privacy feature for smartphones and other digital devices. It temporarily disables incoming calls, texts, and notifications, so many people activate it when they’re sleeping, studying, or working.

How to Use “DND”

Text your loved ones that you have an important event coming up. Do you have a meeting, interview, or exam in the near future? Tell your friends and family about your upcoming schedule, then use “DND” to request privacy during that time. “Exam happening in 5 minutes, DND????” “DND, I’m about to walk in for my interview.” “I have a big presentation in the next hour, so DND. I’ll let you know when I’m free.” “Walking into a meeting right now, so I’m setting my phone to DND. Don’t text me until 8.”

Let everyone know your phone is on "Do Not Disturb" mode. If you’re using DND mode, set up an auto-reply message to inform people that you’re busy. On iPhones, you can activate this feature by going to your general settings: hit “Do Not Disturb," select “Auto Reply,” then type in your message. If you have an Android or Samsung, install the SMS Auto Reply app to set up your response to any incoming texts. “Currently using DND mode, so I won’t see your message until the morning. Sweet dreams????” “Hey, I’m driving with Do Not Disturb mode on. I’ll see your message as soon as I reach my destination.” “I’m currently on vacation in Hawaii, and my phone is on Do Not Disturb. I’ll be back in the office on 3/31.”

Caption your vacation post with “DND” (and some fun emojis). Whether you’re on a tropical island or in the countryside, caption your vacation photos with “DND” to let everyone know you're living your best life. If you want to convey more personality and playfulness, feel free to add some fun emojis. “DND????” “Time to rest & relax. DND.” “The mountains are calling me… DND????"

How to Respond to “DND”

Reply with “Okay” to let them know you received their message. While you don’t have to respond to “DND,” you can send a simple message to affirm you heard the other person. It’s more polite than replying with a Tapback (or leaving them on read), and it ends the conversation on a positive note. “Okay, see you soon!” “Okie dokie????” “Ok, talk to you later.” “Oooh, gotcha????”

Wish them luck if they have an upcoming event. If your loved one has an upcoming meeting, exam, or interview, send them a supportive message to boost their confidence. You can send them a simple "Good luck" or ask them to text you when they're available. “Good luck, you got this!” “Break a leg!” “You’re going to crush your presentation!” "No matter what happens, I'm so proud of you! Let me know how it goes!!"

Respond to their social media post with a positive message. If your friend posts a photo with the caption “DND,” comment an uplifting message to be supportive. You can compliment the scenery, stress how much you miss them, or express light-hearted jealousy. “Look at you living your best life!” “Come home soon, I miss you.” “Omggg????” “So jealous of that view!” “Wish I was there with you????”

Alternative Meanings

Do Not Delete At work, DND can be a request to keep certain files and documents on the computer. This abbreviation isn’t super common in conversation, but your boss or colleague might send you a text to save what you're working on. “Flag that pdf as DND so no one accidentally deletes it.” “Good job on the paper. Can you mark it as DND so we can reference it in the future?”

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons & Dragons is a popular role-playing game with multiple players. While most people abbreviate it as “D&D,” some interchange it with “DND.” If you’re unsure whether your friend is asking you to play Dungeons and Dragons, ask them directly or send a dragon emoji to get clarification. “?????????” “Do Not Disturb, or Dungeons & Dragons?????”

Drunk and Disorderly If you cause a public disturbance after drinking too much alcohol, you can be charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. Also known as “disturbing the peace,” disorderly conduct includes loitering, fighting, and being unreasonably noisy. “Did you see him last night? He started screaming in the middle of the street! I’m so surprised he wasn’t arrested for being drunk and disorderly.” “Last night was crazy. How did we not get charged for being DND?”

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