Drake Breaks Silence On Leaked Explicit Video During Tour: ‘Rumours Are True’
Drake Breaks Silence On Leaked Explicit Video During Tour: ‘Rumours Are True’
Although Drake has not officially commented on the leaked video, the rapper addressed the situation with a touch of humour during a recent performance.

Drake, who recently criticized the Grammys, found himself at the centre of a social media storm when a brief video captured the rapper in bed with his lower half exposed. The internet was ablaze with shock and confusion as fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing and quickly made him a trending topic online. Despite the uproar, Drake appears unfazed by the leak. Although he has not officially commented on the video, the Canadian rapper reportedly addressed the situation with a touch of humour during a performance at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, US.

In a viral video from the event, many initially believed Drake was addressing the leak, but it turned out he was playfully acknowledging his father, Dennis Graham’s presence at the show, leaving fans with mixed reactions.

During his performance at the Big As The What tour in Nashville on February 8, the rapper took a moment to speak with the crowd. In a video captured by an attendee, the Rich Flex star created anticipation and seemed like he was preparing to address the alleged sexual video to the audience at the Bridgestone Arena. He began by stating, “I know y’all have been waiting on me to address this, so the rumours are true…” After a short pause, he added, “My dad is here tonight. That’s what y’all been waiting on right?”

Drake’s explicit video has become a hot topic across the world, even catching the attention of wrestling legend and actor John Cena. The Fast X star took to Instagram to share his reaction and posted an edited picture of WWE icon Jake “The Snake” Roberts with his python draped around him. However, Cena edited the picture, as he replaced Roberts’ face with Drake’s, creating a humorous twist. The post left Cena’s fans in splits as he added his own touch of humour to the viral situation.

After almost addressing the incident during his concert, Drake allegedly earlier reacted to the leaked video after Adin Ross streamed himself sending the artist a voice message. Ross in the message said, “I’m still live bro. We were just looking at the shit. it’s crazy, bro. God damn, you are blessed with voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed with being you, you’re blessed to be number one but you’re also blessed to have a fucking missile.” Reportedly, Drake responded with humour and sent eight laughing emojis and suggested that the leaked clip might become the intro of his next album.

As of now, the source of the leaked video involving Drake remains unknown as it quickly circulated online through various social media accounts. Many are considering the possibility that the video was recorded on Drake’s private plane. Additionally, some have raised doubts and suggested that the video might AI-generated. Earlier, Taylor Swift also experienced a similar situation when Deepfake images of her started circulating on the internet last month.

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