Italian Archaeologists Uncover 5,000-year-old Necropolis, Revealing Copper Age Society
Italian Archaeologists Uncover 5,000-year-old Necropolis, Revealing Copper Age Society
As per a report published in Live Science, the necropolis discovered by Italy archaeologists contains 22 tombs and a collection of weapons.

Archaeologists in Italy have made a remarkable discovery of a Copper Age necropolis, shedding light on a pivotal transitional period between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. This significant find, detailed in a report by Live Science, encompasses 22 tombs housing human remains and an array of weapons. Uncovered during the construction of a community garden in San Giorgio Bigarello, Northern Italy, the necropolis reveals the ancient burial practices of this era.

The excavation revealed an unexpected magnitude of the 5,000-year-old burial site, catching researchers by surprise. The tombs, along with the human remains interred within, provide valuable insights into Copper Age funerary customs. Notably, many of the burials were accompanied by flint weapons, such as daggers, arrowheads and blades, as reported in Archaeo Reporter, an Italian newspaper specializing in archaeology.

Simone Sestito, an archaeological officer at the Italian Ministry of Culture, shared insights into the discovery with Live Science. He highlighted the presence of burial goods, including necklaces crafted from soapstone beads, found within several tombs. Remarkably, some tombs exhibited excellent preservation, attributed in part to the sandy hill location of the cemetery, which facilitated dry sand conditions conducive to skeletal preservation.

Of particular interest to archaeologists is the distinctive burial position observed in many of the skeletons. According to a report in Archaeo Reporter, the skeletons were buried on their left sides, with legs bent towards their chests and heads oriented to the northwest. This burial orientation suggests potential cultural connections to the Remedello culture, another Copper Age society located in Northern Italy.

The identities of the individuals interred within the necropolis remain a mystery, though the presence of weapons implies a significant proportion were warriors, as noted by The Historical Blog. This finding adds depth to our understanding of societal structures and practices during the Copper Age, hinting at a complex interplay of culture, warfare and burial rituals.

The discovery of the Copper Age necropolis in Italy offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, providing valuable insights into ancient burial practices and societal dynamics. As archaeologists continue to study the site, further revelations are anticipated, enriching our understanding of this pivotal period in human history.

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