Girlfriend Of Australian Surfer Brutally Murdered In Mexico Shares His Final Voice Message He Sent Her
Girlfriend Of Australian Surfer Brutally Murdered In Mexico Shares His Final Voice Message He Sent Her
Emily Horwath shared the last voice message her boyfriend Callum Robinson sent her hours before he was murdered.

The girlfriend of one of the Australian surfers, who was tragically murdered in Mexico, has released the heartbreaking voicemail she received from him shortly before his grisly murder.

Emily Horwath, Callum Robinson’s girlfriend, took to social media to share the last voice message she sent him. The voice message has now gone viral and has been shared on other social media sites as well.

Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson, and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad had been on a surf trip to Mexico’s Pacific coast before they were killed.

The voicemail began with the words: “Happy Tuesday! Good morning!”

“It’s 11:11 and I’m just thinking about you. Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say hello. Hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day. I’m sensing a big grin on your face for some reason today. Hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day,” Callum tells Emily in the voice message.

Horwath captioned the post on her Instagram stories with the words “I will play this on repeat”.

The bodies of two Australian surfers murdered in Mexico were taken to the United States last week to be delivered to their relatives for the long journey home.

A fourth body in the same area which had been there longer was also found but it is not believed to be connected to the case.

The funeral home transporting the remains of brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, who were aged 30 and 33 respectively, confirmed that they had been transferred from Tijuana to San Diego where their parents were waiting.

The body of their 30-year-old American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, who was also murdered, was in the care of another funeral company.

Investigators believe that the trio were killed while they were camping in a remote beachside area in violence-hit Baja California state during an attempt to steal their pickup truck.

Their bodies were found on May 3 in a cliff-top shaft with bullet wounds to the head.

Jesus Gerardo “N” — alias “El Kekas” — in Ensenada, Baja California has been named suspect in the case and will be prosecuted. Two other suspects have also been apprehended and remain in detention for alleged possession of methamphetamine.

El Kekas reportedly confessed to committing the crime. Mexican authorities said murder charges will also be filed in the case.

His girlfriend told the court last week that El Kekas visited her home on April 28 and confessed to having murdered “three gringos”.

The term “gringo” is primarily used to refer to foreigners, particularly those from the United States and it’s often used to refer to white Americans.

“I killed them,” she said he told her.

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