BTS' Jungkook Wears Jack Harlow's Kentucky Diamond Necklace, Fans Call It 'Sign Of Respect'
BTS' Jungkook Wears Jack Harlow's Kentucky Diamond Necklace, Fans Call It 'Sign Of Respect'
Just days before the 3D’s release, Jungkook shared a sneak peek from the set with Jack Harlow.

BTS’ Jungkook recently caused a stir among ARMYs with the surprise announcement about his upcoming digital single, 3D, during the Global Citizen Festival. What added to the excitement was his collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow. As the release date for the music video, set for September 29, draws closer, teaser videos and concept images have been fuelling anticipation. Just days before the MV’s release, the Golden Maknae shared a sneak peek from the set, featuring the South Korean artist and the rapper. However, what particularly caught everyone’s attention was the Kentucky necklace worn by JK which left fans buzzing with curiosity.

The necklace holds deep significance for Jack as it represents his home state of Kentucky, where he was born. The singer generously shared this beloved piece of jewellery with Jungkook on the set and they posed for a picture together. Meanwhile, JK posted the picture of himself with Jack and captioned it, “Touched down in Kentucky. (Reality: on the MV set).” Many fans interpreted this post as a response to Jack’s earlier tweet where he humorously wrote, “I’ll fly u from Korea to Kentucky.”

Jack Harlow also shared a solo picture of BTS singer Jungkook proudly wearing the Kentucky necklace on his social media, without any caption.

According to Hypebeast, Jack Harlow’s chain, created by Alex Moss, features 61 carats of VVS diamonds and also has 560 grams of 14k white gold. What makes this chain truly remarkable is the complex technique that went into its creation. Despite being adorned with over 4,500 stones, each premium diamond was carefully set by hand to bring this exquisite piece to life.

The jewellery pays tribute to the late singer and producer Static Major. He collaborated with Alex Moss to create his own version of the iconic Kentucky state-shaped chain that Static Major was known for. The pendant is shaped like Jack’s home state with the Ohio River in the north and the Appalachian Mountains in the east.

The excitement for Jungkook’s digital single 3D featuring Jack Harlow continues to build as the release date approaches. BIGHIT MUSIC has been teasing fans with glimpses of what’s to come. In one of the teasers, the two talented artists are seen playing chess on the side of the street which has left fans eagerly awaiting the release of the music video.

Meanwhile, the BTS singer has a track record of successful collaborations with international artists. Prior to his upcoming collaboration with Jack Harlow on 3D, the South Korean singer teamed up with American rapper and singer Latto on his solo debut single SEVEN. Additionally, the Golden Maknae has worked with other renowned artists, including singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and Qatari singer-producer Fahad Al Kubaisi.

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